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The Sport Science Rehab and Performance Centre is the product of a long journey in the worlds of elite high performance sport teams and clinical physiotherapy. The result is a uniquely resourced facility and staff that have brought the best practices from each realm together in a way that the city of Ottawa has never seen.

Our Director of Sport Science, Ryan Morrison in the mastermind behind the Sport Science process. His vision to bring medical grade force testing
technologies allows new insights into rehabilitation and performance programming. These processes create faster, more effective and more sustainable change for athletes, weekend warriors and general populations alike. 


We have carefully built a team of Sport Science professionals that are united around the common purpose of supporting our community in reaching their rehab and performance goals. We use medical-grade objective data to support collaboration across each discipline. Every member brings their expertise to the table. 

Meet Our Sport Science Team

ryan blank back_edited.jpg

Ryan Morrison

Director of Sport Science

Dip. Sport Physiotherapy

Cert. Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Cert. Gunn IMS


Dr. Dave Simon

Sport Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery

MD, MHA, FRSC, Dip Sport Med

Our Applied Sport Science Team

lisa web post_edited.jpg

Lisa Glass

Exercise Physiology
Strength & Conditioning

jo congrats.jpg

Joanna Geck

Strength & Conditioning

jennie white.jpg

Jennie Wong

Strength & Conditioning

brent web_edited.jpg

Brent Linker

Strength & Conditioning

eric1 copy.jpg

Eric Donaldson

Exercise Physiology
Strength & Conditioning


Zachary Yantha

Human Kinetics
Strength & Conditioning


Mylene Simoneau

Exercise Physiology
Strength & Conditioning

Gaber Mug Shot on white_edited.jpg

Gabriel Bourgeau

Steven Latino

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

Meet Our Physiotherapists


Tiffany Wong



Luca Martello


matt web_edited.jpg

Matt Kelly


richelle 2_edited.jpg

Richelle Weeks


Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 10.56.53 AM.png

Cara Racicot



Chelsea Roesler


heather best.jpg

Heather Wing



Scott Richards


best kirsten.jpg

Kirsten Lemmon


kiera profile.jpg

Kiera Lepine


julia profile.jpg

Julia Meliambro


Meet Our Massage Therapists

carissa landscape.jpg

Carissa Boucher

Registered Massage Therapist

mel mug .jpeg

Melissa Beals

Registered Massage Therapist

Kylie 1.jpg

Kylie Ransom

Registered Massage Therapist

Meet Our Dietician & Chiropractor

ashley pro hockey.jpg

Ashley Charlebois

Sport Dietician
Exercise Physiologist

ryley blank back_edited.jpg

Dr. Ryley Hayter, DC

Chiropractic Care

ryan for WEB.jpg

Ryan Morrsion, PT

Director of Sport Science


Dip. Sport Physiotherapy

Cert. Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Cert. Gunn IMS

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ryan is excited to have returned home to set some roots with his wife and kids and to launch a new chapter in his career in sport performance and rehabilitation. After earning his Masters of Science in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University, Ryan kick-started the first year of his career in Ottawa under the mentorship of Pat Palmer, reputed in the industry for her particularly high-quality care and skillset. Early on, Ryan’s passion for excellence in his practice was fuelled. 

A sport enthusiast at heart, and with an itch for adventure, Ryan then made the decision to move out west to Calgary, AB. After beginning to build a following with some local national team athletes while working in a private practice, the opportunity came knocking for Ryan to join the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) as a full-time therapist for the national team and Olympic athletes in a variety of sports.  Working most closely with the Luge Olympic team and the Women’s National Wrestling Team, he was immersed into the world of Integrated Support Teams, where therapists, strength coaches, team coaches, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and mental skills coaches work together, as one team, to elevate both each other and each athlete’s performance. Through this multi-disciplinary approach, Ryan honed into his passion for the world of sport sciences. While working with the best in various fields of health and performance, Ryan simultaneously continued his education, both in the orthopedic manipulative stream and the sport science stream. 

After three years at CSI, the opportunity came knocking once again, this time with the Toronto Maple Leafs, as the Director of Rehabilitation. So in 2015, Ryan and his wife moved to Toronto and embarked on a whole new adventure in the world of professional sport. For 4 years, Ryan traveled with the team throughout the NHL season. His daily role focused on athlete screening, player monitoring, injury prevention and rehabilitation protocols as well as developing return to play criteria. Off-season, Ryan spent the better part of his time doing research, education and traveling internationally to conferences, gyms, and clinics, to learn about the latest innovations and practices in sport sciences.

After the birth of their second child and a growing desire to set some roots down near their extended family, Ryan and his wife decided to make the move back to Ottawa with two goals in mind: to create more time and space for their family and to bring all of Ryan’s unique experience at the Olympic and pro sport level to serve his hometown community of Ottawa. 

Starting Summer 2020, Ryan and his team of exercise science specialists and technicians are excited to make the value of world-class sport science accessible, affordable and convenient for every athlete, physio, strength coach and doctor in our city.  

Are You a Sport Science Professional? 

We are constantly looking to network with brilliant minds and great people! 

I worked with Ryan for four years with the Toronto Maple Leafs. During that time Ryan was tasked with the role of developing our injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies. His tireless work ethic and methodical approach led to the development of truly world leading protocols. The results of these were directly correlated with the incredible success of the team during his tenure.  The team did not suffer a non-contact injury for three and a half seasons demonstrating the efficacy of Ryan’s multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to athlete monitoring and proactive intervention. When an injury occurred the rehabilitation protocol included an unprecedented level of detail in which every possible physiological system was leveraged to ensure that the environment for healing was optimized in every way. To this end, we did not suffer any set-backs during the rehab process and never experienced a recurrence of an injury. I genuinely cannot speak highly enough of Ryan’s work.

Dr. Jeremy Bettle, Ph.D.

Director of High Performance,

    - Brooklyn Nets, NBA,

    - Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL 

    - Anaheim Ducks, NHL. (current) 

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