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What is Base Camp? 

In the world of mountain climbing, a base camp is where your journey begins. A place where a larger group of likeminded people join before they each embark on their own mission. Its where everyone gathers around shared resources and skills and helps one another prepare and acclimatize to a challenging environment.  Sport Science Base Camp isn't so different. We're applying similar principles to off-season baseball training. 

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Baseball is an amazing game. It's also an unforgiving one. When kids lack the fundamental technical skills, it is very difficult for them to overcome with grit, hustle or luck. It seems to me, there is no fix outside of putting in the time. At Base Camp 1, we will be focusing on pitching, catching and infielding mechanics.   


If your child's goal is  to advance to higher levels of baseball competition, They are likely to find themselves looking for improved strength, power and explosiveness. Mom and Dad are most likely looking for joint stability, mobility and injury resiliency. While we won't have a Sport Science Strength Coach with us, we will draw from some of their experience to help establish some healthy habit and movement qualities through exercise programming. 


Each week we will dedicate a significant portion of our time to classic gym / camp games that are staples in general athletic development. We'll have the kids laughing, smiling and competing for the love and joy of play. 

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We are looking for 12-15 kids that have the goal of playing Minor Canadian or Minor All-Star ball in the summer of 2024. All campers must have played in either the Rookie Canadian or Minor division in the summer of 2023. Each player must be serious enough about their goals that they are keen to listen, learn and train accordingly. 

We recognize that kids and families are busy. Part of the heart behind keeping costs very low is that we recognize that sfamilies will have some conflicts throughout the 6 month time frame. While we want to keep the sessions as full as possible, we have lots patients for busy kids!

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Dad, Coach, Teacher, Entrepreneur

My name is Travis. I will be the head coach of the Base Camp program. My plan is merge my love for watching my son Wesley play baseball and pursue his dreams of playing in the big leagues (good luck buddy) with my experience in physical education, high performance athletics and athlete physical development.
     - As a dad, I want to see my son develop a love of sport and competition. I want him to grow 
       in self-esteem, social skills and love of life through sports. 
     - As a teacher and educator, I want to see kids adopt healthy lifestyles and learn that we can 
       find our best friends and some of our greatest joy in healthy, active play. 
     - As a Sport Scientist I want to leverage my access to high level resources to help the kids 
       develop a base foundation of physical capacity required to perform at a high level and to
       be more resilient to eventual injuries and overuse conditions associated with baseball. 
     - As a business owner and a proud member of the Ottawa community,  I want to see families
       come together, build collectively and enjoy growing something together. 

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While we wont go to the effort of registering as a non-profit program and enduring the bureaucracy involved, our company, The Sport Science Rehab and Performance Centre will happily stand in as a agent to support the administration of the non-profit program. We will be asking each family to contribute a $140 registration fee. 100% of this fee will be allocated to facility rental, equipment procurement or safety equipment. Each of our coaches has graciously volunteered and donated their time so that this program could be as accessible and inexpensive  as possible. At the same time, our hope to provide a high quality product does come at a cost. We will open the books and gladly outline our revenues and costs. 

$140 FOR 25 WEEKS


165 Knoxdale Rd, Nepean, ON K2G 1B1

- Program will run from November 9th through April 25th. 
- Program will not run over Christmas holidays nor the March Break

- Cancellations for unforeseeable circumstances will not be refunded nor rescheduled. 


Thanks for submitting!

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