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In the past, sporting teams and clinics have relied largely on subjective analysis of strength and movement quality, while “gold standard” measurement equipment was confined to universities and hospitals. Sport Science Physio Lab is changing the game and delivering these gold-standards directly to you



At the highest levels of pro sport, organizations build elaborate systems of healthcare and performance professionals working together to optimize athletic outcomes. In most cases, organizations have teams working on the strength and conditioning side, the rehabilitation side and the medical/surgical side. While each team has its own mandate and agenda, they are unified by common objective outcome measures. This is where the Sport Science Physio Lab comes in. Our city is filled with amazing Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, RMT's, Sports Med Doctors, Surgeons and Strength & Conditioning Specialists. Our goal is to unite them by centering practices around objective data and researched-based outcome targets. None of us have all the answers but with the support of the Sport Science Physio Lab, we can work together to bring pro-quality sports science to every athlete in the city.     




Many injuries require multidisciplinary practitioner teams in order to achieve an optimal recovery and return to sport experience.   

Whether its a full rehab protocol or simply progress testing at specific stages of your rehab, our sport science team is happy to collaborate with your group.  We can provide a framework of evidence based testing that further uncovers and provides insight and direction into your rehab needs and progressions. 



The days of relying on subjective information in determining return to training, and competition are numbered.  Questions remain such as when I push myself, is the quality and force of movement the same? Am I favoring one side over the other?   Will I be able to withstand the endurance & reactions I require to begin the next phase of practice or competition schedule? 

The sport science physio lab can measure and deliver athletes and practitioners the information they need to better understand their readiness to increase load, volume, and chaos towards their return to sport.  



Without the background or access to certain  equipment,  sport organisations and strength coach professionals have typically relied upon result based outcome measures (How High?, How far?, How many?). 
After Partnering with Sport Science Lab we can provide a full picture of how athletes generate force on an individual limb basis throughout the entire course of their movement.  This can be used to uncover specific areas of breakdown and limitation, identify areas of injury concern, as well as determine areas of untrained potential in order optimize an athletes training and team program.   


Over the course of a lifetime, its typical for athletes to develop areas of strength vs weakness as well as  imbalance and asymmetry within certain movements. 


Whether its a chronic injury, or you are looking for new ways to increase your athletic performance, Sport Science Physio Lab can produce a full picture on where an athlete may be experiencing those gaps.

We are happy to work within an existing sport team structure to help support and develop a sound plan of action to ensure athletic development and success. 


Finally, we can keep ourselves accountable by re-testing in order to ensure everyone is on the right track. 

"At a point in my career where I had come to accept aches and pains that limited both my capacity and my enjoyment in sport, Ryan gave my career new life through both rehabilitation and strength training. He was the springboard in launching my career to the next level, going beyond bringing my body back to health, but setting the building blocks that allowed me to push harder and grow stronger, faster and more confident in both training and competition."

Genevieve Haley

5x CIS National Champion

2x FISU World Champion

2015 Pan Am Games Champion

2015 World Bronze Medalist

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