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For Doctors and Surgeons

We Specialize in Rehabilitation Protocols and Return to Play Testing / Outcome Measures that are typically restricted to Pro-Sport



  • Our evidence-based, objective measures and structured rehabilitation frameworks are designed to serve practitioners across the city by assessing, monitoring and further advising the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and post-op procedures. 

  • Whether requiring a full rehab protocol, or looking for third party phase-specific testing and impression to supplement a current rehabilitation program, we can provide further insight and direction into one's rehabilitation and return to play determination. 

  • Processes include research-grade, validated strength measures and assessment tools designed to provide objective insight into strength deficits, asymmetry indexes, and movement compensations that cannot be otherwise detected in typical clinical or suggested field-based tests. Research shows that left undetected, these anomalies have negative impacts on the propensity for reinjury. 

  • Outcome measures and multidisciplinary rehab framework is based on previous job experiences in both the Olympic and pro sport world where we had the privilege to research, consult and collaborate and learn with some of the top sport clubs, rehabilitation groups, international conferences and sport science authorities around the world. 

  • Each patient and referring physician/practitioner will be provided with a full report, analysis and clinical impression. 

  • We are happy to assist and help meet the needs within the medical community with the collective goal to help elevate a patients’ quality of care and outcome. 

For more information about how our services can support your patients please email our director

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