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For Physios, Chiros and AT's

Unprecedented Access to Research Grade Rehab and Return to Sport Testing Available Across Ottawa 



  • We collaborate with practitioners to provide structured, evidence-based, phased specific rehab outcome criteria testing for patients that are typically only seen within the pro sport and performance world.

  • We provide multidisciplinary objective outcome measures specific to the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and post-op rehab protocols. 


  • The structured framework is based on previous job experiences in both the Olympic and pro sport world where we had the privilege to research, consult and collaborate with some of the top sport clubs, rehabilitation groups, international consortiums and industry leaders worldwide. 


  • Structured framework is designed to complement the current treatment and rehab protocols of the current practitioner, to collaborate, and to provide a gap analysis and further insight regarding a patient's phased specific rehab needs and eventual return to play determination. 


  • Processes include research-grade, validated assessment tools focused on dynamic strength deficits, asymmetry indexes, movement compensations, and workload capacity that cannot be otherwise detected in typical clinical or field-based testing.

  • Each patient will be provided with a full report & analyses. as well as a clinical impression regarding implications of results.


  • We are happy to help assist and meet the needs of fellow practitioners with the goal to collectively elevate a patients’ quality of care and outcome. 


We Are Mobile!

To book testing or to inquire about hosting a satellite Sport Science Lab in your clinic, contact us today!

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