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For Strength & Conditioning Coaches

The Pinnacle of Personalization

Right in Your Gym


  • We collaborate with strength coaches and gyms to provide evidence-based athlete screening, gap analyses, side-to-side asymmetry indexes, sport specific performance testing & monitoring strategies, that are typically reserved within pro sport and Olympic programs. 

  • Evidence-based testing is designed to complement a strength coach's current baseline testing and training processes and provide further insight.

  • The structured framework is based on previous job experiences in both the Olympic and pro sport world where we had the pleasure to research, consult and collaborate with some of the top sport clubs, rehabilitation groups, international conferences and colleagues worldwide. 

  • For rehabbing athletes, we specialize in phase-specific rehab and return to sport outcome testing, in order to provide strength coaches with the confidence to know if an athlete is ready to begin the next level of training. Alternatively, our testing can also provide invaluable information about which gaps are preventing athletes from progressing through toward the next phase. 


  • Includes in-depth research-grade, validated assessment processes that cannot otherwise be detected in typical field or gym based assessment tests. 


  • Multidisciplinary collaborative services aimed towards both rehab specific clientele as well as athlete performance include: 

    • Complete athlete screening,

    • Gap analyses, 

    • Athlete profiling & rankings

    • Asymmetry Indexes & muscle imbalance

    • Injury prevention strategies 

    • Load management 

    • Athlete development monitoring 

  • We are happy to help assist and meet the individual needs of strength coaches and gyms with the goal to collaborate and continue to elevate the athletic and performance results of their clientele. If you have ideas about how we can help, please let us know ! 



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Get Tests for Your Athletes

Let us know if you would like us to coordinate with any of your athletes to arrange some testing.All of our services are covered by personal health plans.  

Plan a Testing Event for Your Gym

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of hosting a satellite Sport Science Lab Event, please reach out and see how this partnership could benefit you and your gym. 

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