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CSIO affiliated athletes have access to a variety of benefits and services offered by CSIO to holistically support athletes in daily life and in training and competition.

Ryan Morrison and Dr. Dave Simon

Your Local
Supporting CAST

The Sport Science Rehab and Performance Centre is home to some incredible practitioners that travel the world in support of Canadian Athletes. We proudly work as a fully integrated athlete support team and can help you push toward your goals with Sport Medicine Services, Performance Training, Dietetics and Everything In Between. 

Dr. Dave Simon

Sport Medicine
Orthopaedic Surgery

Ryan Morrison

Director of Sport Science
Sport Physio (FCAMPT)


Ashley Charlebois

Performance Dietetics
Exercise Physiology



Kirsten Lemmon

Sport Physio (FCAMPT)


Brent Linker

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Working Continuously and Diligently to Provide a Safe and Equitable Environment

Safe and Abuse Free Sport Helpline

Sport Science
Supplement Shop

We are pleased to extend a special discount of 25% of all Klean Athlete and Gruppo Supplements to all CSIO Athletes. We are authorized wholesales and are happy to bring in any products you needs.  

Klean Athlete Supplements
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